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Primary Antibodies

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CDKN1B / KIP1 (C-term) antibody

Immunohistochmical analysis of paraffin embedded Interstine cancer sections, staining P27 in nucleus, DAB chromogenic reaction Rabbit IgG Aff - Purified Hu, Ms, Rt IP, P, WB
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CDKN1B / KIP1 antibody

Figure 1. Western blot using affinity purified anti-p27 antibody shows detection of p27 protein in MCF7 whole cell lysate (lanes 1-3) (arrowhead). Separation
was achieved using a 4-20%
gradient gel. Blocking occurred
using 5% BLOTTO. Primary
antibody was diluted 1:500 in 1%
BLOTTO. The membrane was
washed and reacted with a 1:10,000
dilution of Dylight(TM) 800 conjugated
Gt-a-Rabbit IgG. Molecular weight
estimation was made by comparison
to prestained MW markers indicated
at the left (lane M). Other detection
systems will yield similar results. Rabbit Serum Hu E, IP, WB
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  OriGene Technologies GmbH

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